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Primal Man Nude Soapbox Rant
Starring - Kris King, Dean Keene, Josh Catchings, Damien Black, Kenny Haare, Alec Paul.
Nick Baer presents... Six humorous and serious Soapbox Rants by Nude Hollywood actors. What, no faces? Yes, no faces - because viewers can form opinions about a speaker based on their "look"! Kris King had a bad experience with his manager at work; Dean Keen always rescues his airhead boss; Josh reads from Shakespeare; Damien Black rants about girls shopping at his retail store job; Kenny Haare works in a warehouse with guys who don't speak his language and call him by the wrong name; and Alec Paul has some good ranting advice for living in LA.

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Meet the Models in Primal Man Nude Soapbox Rant

Kris King

Dean Keene

Josh Catchings

Damien Black

Kenny Haare

Alec Paul

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